Welcome to Our First Blog Post

2014 is a very exciting time to work in the advertising/shopper marketing industry. Technological innovation has opened up a plethora of new advertising opportunities from NFC and internet/smartphone advertising to LED billboards the size of a movie theater screen in Times Square.

While digital advertising is certainly an exciting growth area, here at MessageWrap we are focusing on the intersection of technological innovation, high-impact ad placement, and unique storytelling with our patented, digitally-printed, antimicrobial MessageWrap grocery belt covers. A passion for true innovation in advertising led us to develop and patent MessageWrap, which has now been implemented by leading retailers such as SuperValu, SpartanNash, and Raley’s, and by top consumer goods companies like Johnson & Johnson and 5 Hour Energy.

We know there are other dreamers out there who share our passion for innovation in advertising, which is why we are proud to roll out this blog through which we will explore innovative and disruptive advertising concepts from around the globe, from mobile and internet advertising to explosively impactful creative campaigns implemented across a multitude of mediums new and old. Watch for new posts each week that will critique new trends in advertising, as well as show how MessageWrap is being utilized as a avant-garde value-adding component of new and creative campaigns.

Come along with us on this journey to revolutionize the advertising and shopper marketing industries. Together, we will transform the trite, dull way that most organizations advertise into sincere communication that shapes and reflects consumers’ ever-evolving desires.

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