MessageWrap combines captivating graphics and messages that foster shopper engagement, providing an endless array of advertising possibilities.




Provides unmatched impressions as a flagship consumer engagement touch point at the center of the highest traffic area of the store: checkout.


Sales Lift

Delivers strong sales lift, increased donations, and strong awareness with superior digital printing and shopper engagement customization.


Creates a long-lasting barrier against bacteria by utilizing our Good Armor® coating, powered by mPale (EPA #83129-1).


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Let our team of experienced designers help you create your next MessageWrap program. Utilizing your existing art assets, we treat MessageWrap as a blank canvas with multiple shopper engagement and customization opportunities.


Our production partner is the largest manufacturer of grocery checkout belts in the US. With their expertise, we can handle a MessageWrap program of any size to meet the needs of your brand.


There are 7,000 trained technicians across North America who are ready to install your next MessageWrap program.The beauty of MessageWrap is that it installs in minutes and causes zero disruption to front-end operations.


We collect and analyze comprehensive performance data each one of our programs. This information will be prepared and delivered to you and your team in a transparent and detailed manner, to ensure all program objectives are met.




  • " We deployed MessageWraps to generate awareness for our new launch of Nectresse. The wraps let every shopper know where to find the new product and translated into substantial sales lift. We’re working on our next program with MessageWraps! "

    National Sales Director, McNeil Nutritionals


Most MessageWrap programs run for around 8 weeks, in line with retailer expectations and typical length of marketing campaigns. However, the solution is extremely durable and can even run for up to 6 months with minimal scratching or damage due to the tough belting material and abrasion resistant coating.

When shoppers see MessageWrap, they are already checking out, so they are highly unlikely to go back to pick up the product being advertised. Isn’t this a problem?

Shoppers recall the message for the next buying opportunity, with retailer exit interviews showing that shoppers are 5 times more likely to recall the message from MessageWrap than any other in-store medium, and shoppers making an average of 1.7 trips per week. Our Johnson & Johnson case study among others, shows a very strong lift for products not sold at checkout, in addition to the power of the pure brand advertising.

How is MessageWrap installed?

MessageWrap is installed over the existing black checkstand belt in 2 to 5 minutes. The MessageWrap is not directly adhered to the belt, but rather adheres to itself with an extremely strong adhesive  at a small overlap. This allows MessageWrap to flow freely and firmly around the checkstand without damaging the black belt underneath.

MessageWrap’s graphics will sometimes be obscured by merchandise on the belt. Does this reduce MessageWrap’s effectiveness?

It’s actually the opposite. The reason part of the MessageWrap gets covered up is because shoppers themselves place their products on it – an action that forces the shopper to look directly at the message. MessageWraps are designed so the messaging is repeated several times across the length of the wrap, so that the exposed area delivers the message loud and clear.

What is the lead time associated with starting a MessageWrap program?

For programs of up to 1,000 MessageWraps, we require 3 to 4 weeks lead time from the time of art file approval. For programs over 1,000 MessageWraps, we require about 6 weeks lead time after the art is approved. Shipping times are not included in these estimates and will be determined on a per project basis. 

What is MessageWrap made from?

MessageWrap is made from a single-ply, durable PVC conveyor belt material. MessageWrap is digitally printed and coated with Good Armor™ antibacterial, graffiti-resistant, anti-scratch coating.


Interested in deploying MessageWrap to drive brand objectives and shopper loyalty?

Drop us a line and we’ll get started on your next MessageWrap program!

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