Advertising Mediums Around the World

The types and frequencies of advertisements we see around each of us can be vastly different depending on whether we find ourselves in a stimulation epicenter like New York City, or in a suburb or a rural area. Advertisements are also quite different in different countries and cities with different cultures and economic conditions.

With a plethora of different advertising mediums available, advertisers are acutely aware of the best ways to reach consumers: mass media options such as TV and internet reach people everywhere, while out of home advertising like billboards and in-store advertising reach high numbers of people in highly populated areas.

Advertisers must also be aware of how they tailor brand messaging for different cultures. Most advertising creative is designed with a domestic audience in mind and therefore reflects the cultural values and norms of the country in which the advertisement is displayed. Preparing advertisements for global rollouts requires advertisers and brand managers to be mindful of proper translations, adjustments in communication style, and adjustments in cultural values for all target countries.

While these adjustments to advertising content are crucial, tailoring advertisement distribution plans for different countries is also important, but often overlooked. For instance, in many Latin American and South American countries, it is acceptable for public places to be plastered with many advertisements, while in many European countries, these same advertisements would be viewed as clutter and would reflect poorly on advertisers’ brand images.

Here at MessageWrap, we are thankful that our advertising medium of choice, conveyor belt advertising, has garnered positive responses in differing markets such as the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Shoppers around the world are accustomed to placing their groceries on ugly black grocery belts at retailers around the world, and they are universally intrigued and delighted when the belt is transformed into a moving billboard that is colorful, antimicrobial, and uniquely engaging.

So remember to not only focus on tailoring content to different cultures, but choosing mediums that elicit positive brand recall and reactions worldwide, like MessageWrap conveyor belt advertising.


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