How leading retailers are using MessageWrap conveyor belt advertising

April 25, 2016


Target, Roundy’s, Costco and Sam’s Club all began using MessageWrap conveyor belt advertising over the past year, transforming their checkout conveyor belts into custom-printed messaging boards – to promote their own retail marketing initiatives, not those of their CPG partners.


Throwing out the industry standard for in-store advertising, these leading retailers and others loudly told MessageWrap to abandon the traditional model of securing blanket contracts with retailers to sell ad placements to any CPG partner who will buy them.  Instead, the retailers determined that because the messaging space created by MessageWrap is so high profile, the content must align with the retailers’ own most important marketing initiatives.


Chief among those initiatives is using MessageWrap to promote shopper loyalty.  The innovation creates 100 square feet of advertising space in the highest traffic area of the store, right at the all-important transaction moment.  Most notably, MessageWrap transforms one of the most contaminated surfaces in the store – the black conveyor belts – into a cleaner, more hygienic surface, because the conveyor belt covers are coated with an antibacterial coating.


“Products like MessageWrap contribute wonderfully to the advancement of retailers’ food safety culture and enhance consumer confidence”, says Mark Baum, Senior Vice Present & Chief Collaboration Officer at the Food Marketing Institute.  “Our member retailers are creating an experience that shoppers appreciate and trust, all while communicating their most important marketing priorities, and enhancing the equity in their own brands and banners.”


In the past year:

  • Leading Midwest retailer Roundy’s launched a hard-hitting “Wisconsin Proud” loyalty campaign, where they outfitted each of their Pick ‘n Save stores with colorful, brand-building belts.
  • A wave of MessageWraps hit Target stores nationwide in what was one of the most creative advertising concepts of 2015. Target used the black conveyor belt to promote their Star Wars “Force Friday” merchandising campaign, recreating the movie’s iconic opening crawl – “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” – on the black belt, and using a #ShareTheForce hashtag for mobile integration.
  • Costco and Sam’s Club both launched MessageWrap for a different reason – their own branded credit cards. With MasterCard taking over as the exclusive credit card for Costco in Canada, the warehouse giant needed to tell each member about the conversion, and they were able to do so right at the transaction moment.


Leading retail industry group Topco is also rolling out a partnership with MessageWrap for its fifty-plus member retailers.  Topco’s Senior Category Manager of Marketing, Andrij Geletkanycz, adds, “In our short time working together, MessageWrap has gained tremendous interest from our Member Retailers as they look for new and exciting ways to engage their customers.”



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