With increasing shopper demand for a safe and clean store environment, today’s leading retailers are considering the importance of store cleanliness on performance. Let us demonstrate how MessageWrap is a turnkey solution to improve your operations and your bottom line.


MessageWrap is the only conveyor belt advertising solution that installs in just minutes, has high-quality digital printing, Good Armor® endorsed antibacterial coating, and a proven track record with several of the largest supermarket chains in the US. MessageWrap is patent-pending and was developed in partnership with Mol Belting Systems, the company that makes the majority of all the black conveyor belts used on grocery checkout counters.


What MessageWrap IS:

ANTIBACTERIAL – By providing a clean surface to shop, MessageWrap leads to increased loyalty and retention as consumers demand a more pleasant shopping experience. Give your company an advantage over the competition with Good Armor®.

SALES LIFT – Our retailers are pleased with the results of each of our campaigns that repeatedly demonstrate an increase in both incremental sales lift and category lift. MessageWrap can help your company increase it’s bottom line.


What MessageWrap IS NOT:

CLUTTER – We take an existing, unattractive, contaminated surface and improve it without taking up any additional space. We use high quality digital graphics to give each MessageWrap an elegant appearance, and the Antibacterial coating lets all your shoppers know you make store cleanliness a top priority.

DISRUPTION – Does not disrupt your store environment:
Installation is quick and easy, less than a few minutes per lane. The wraps are installed over the existing black belt, adhering to only itself with a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Let our team of experienced designers help you create your next MessageWrap campaign. We treat MessageWrap as a blank canvas with multiple consumer engagement and customization opportunities


There are 6,000 trained technicians across North America who are ready to install your next MessageWrap campaign. The beauty of our solution is that it doesn’t disrupt front-end operation at all and installs in minutes.


Our production partner is the largest manufacturer of grocery conveyor belts in the US. With their expertise, we can handle a MessageWrap campaign any size to meet our clients needs.


Each MessageWrap is guaranteed for up to 6 months and will be services immediately by our technicians should anything happen. However, we are now experience zero failures during our campaigns.



  • " We have received hundreds of positive comments about the MessageWraps and have seen a boost in new members and use of our Perks card. Our customers are also excited about MessageWrap’s antibacterial qualities. "

    Casey Baesler, Manager, Baesler's Markets

  • " I couldn’t believe how efficiently they got the job done. I love the new look! What a great idea. I hope other wrap ideas are in the future. "

    Benigno Velazquez, Front End Manager, Highest Grossing Jewel Osco Store

  • " The belts you installed on our highly utilized registers have held up to all expectations. They show no wear, so the durability seems to be everything you made claim to. In addition, the belts have not had any issues with coming off, fraying, or even tracking away from the rollers…In other words the overlay belts are performing fantastically. "

    Felix Insinger, Store Manager, Giant-Landover


How long does MessageWrap last?

MessageWrap is extremely durable and can run for up to 6 months with minimal scratching or damage due to the tough belting material and the abrasion resistant coating.

How is MessageWrap installed?

MessageWrap is installed over the existing black checkstand belt in 2 to 5 minutes. The MessageWrap is not directly adhered to the belt, but rather adheres to itself with an extremely strong adhesive  at a small overlap. This allows MessageWrap to flow freely and firmly around the checkstand without damaging the black belt underneath.

Why do retailers need Antibacterial coated MessageWraps?

Numerous studies show that grocery belts are one of the most contaminated surfaces in the supermarket environment. The belts are contaminated by constant exposure to fresh foods, poultry juices and shopper contact, in addition to the underbody of the checkstand where the belt brushes up against collected residue with each revolution. Good Armor® coated MessageWraps, combined with normal cleaning practices, result in a cleaner checkout area which shoppers recognize and appreciate.

What is MessageWrap made from?

MessageWrap is made from a single-ply, durable PVC conveyor belt material. MessageWrap is digitally printed and coated with Good Armor™ antibacterial, grafitti-resistant, anti-scratch coating.

Does MessageWrap add unnecessary clutter to the checkout area?

In interviews with cashiers, shoppers, and managers, respondents overwhelmingly assert that MessageWrap improves the look of a store’s front end, making it look cleaner and brighter. MessageWrap simply replaces the ugly, dirty black belt instead of adding clutter in otherwise clean, empty spaces as banners and end caps do.

How does Good Armor® work?

The antibacterial additive interrupts a bacteria cell’s ability to form chemical bonds essential to its survival. These bonds produce the cell’s physical structure, so the bacteria cell in the presence of the antimibacterial literally falls apart.


Interested in deploying MessageWrap to drive brand objectives and shopper loyalty?

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