Transforming grocery conveyor belts into dynamic, antibacterial billboards for marketing and advertising campaigns. Engage and connect like never before.

Unmatched Impressions

Provides unmatched impressions as a flagship consumer engagement touch point at the center of the highest traffic area of the store: checkout.

Strong Sales Lift

Delivers strong sales lift, increased donations, and strong awareness with superior digital  printing and customer engagement customization.

Long-Lasting Antibacterial

Creates a long-lasting antibacterial barrier against contamination by utilizing our Good Armor® coating, powered by mPale (EPA #83129-1).


Our Technology

Over the course of many years, we tested and perfected our product to ensure unmatched results for our clients. Whether it be improving antibacterial efficacy, or simply ensuring the best scratch-resistance and durability possible, MessageWrap is a highly-engineered technology for today’s marketplace. With no competitive products in existence, our patent-pending solution stands alone as the most effective communication tool the ever-important checkout area has to offer.

Through our many production runs with partner Mol Belting Systems, we have mastered the art of conveyor belt printing. Utilizing the latest digital printing methods, we create long-lasting, high resolution graphics while maintaining the full functionality of the checkstand.

Utilizing a 50 state team  of over 7,000 technicians, MessageWrap has been seamlessly integrated in stores all across the United States and beyond. Because we understand how important the shopper experience is to retailers and brands alike, our installation process causes zero interruption to the front end.


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We work with partners in a variety of different categories, including: consumer packaged goods, retailers, non-profit organizations, financial services companies, and anyone looking to message to shoppers. Contact us for more information on our full partner list.



  • "  Out of the 450+ belts installed, we experienced zero interruption to our stores’ front-end. We’re looking forward to our next MessageWrap program! Wonderful product!  "

    Dave Somerset, VP of Marketing, Spartan Stores

  • " Our customers and management team love the new look of our front-end. MessageWrap was the ideal solution for driving donations to our education foundation partnership.  "

    Laura Moore, Operations Manager, Giant Eagle

  • " Customers just loved the MessageWraps – improved look at checkout as well as the antibacterial surface. Our customers want to shop at a cleaner store. Thanks again!  "

    Ernie Bennett, Store Manager, Raley's Supermarkets


The MessageWrap Team is formed by a partnership between Handstand Innovations and Mol Belting Systems to bring this solution to market.

Handstand Innovations

Handstand Innovations


Handstand Innovations is a retail innovations company helping retailers rethink and re-imagine their operations by bringing original in-store and checkout area surface solutions to the marketplace. All of our products are coated with GoodArmor antibacterial, powered by mPale (EPA #83129-1).

Mol Belting Systems

Mol Belting Systems


Founded in 1986, Mol Belting Systems is a manufacturer, fabricator, and wholesaler of process conveyor belting for a wide array of industries around the world.  With a reputation built around customer focused innovations, creativity and resourcefulness, Mol Belting manufactures the majority of checkstand conveyor belts in the US market and is a leading edge production partner for MessageWrap.


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